Abnormal Pause after ARCOF with DX200 with KEMPARC /KEMPARC PULSE?

  • I hope reaching out here will help me with this issue.

    I have been looking everywhere for to find what's causing this pause.

    There are no timers added to the program itself.

    After the ARCOF command the robot just stands in place up to 4 seconds before moving to next point.

    I have turned off all functions such as burncorrection, POST-GAS etc.

    Anyone have any clue on where to look?

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  • What welder do you have? If you are using a Miller or Fronius or anything that has a "Program" mode, check the program in the welder to make sure there is not a end of weld timer set high. Also check when the weld complete signal comes on. This problem could be from the welder, not the robot.


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