SRS 2022 is it worth and stable?

  • Hallo everyone,

    Wishes for a great 2023!

    With the beginning of the new year, I would like to hear your opinions on SRS2022.

    I don't have an SRS licence, working with the 2019 free version, and I found someone selling an SRS2022 dongle on eBay.

    He told me that he upgraded it from SRS2019 to 2022, but because SRS2022 is very unstable he is trying to sell it and buy an SRS2019 licence.

    I know this sound like a scam, but I will collect it in person :D

    Also, where can I get the new SRS2022 free version, is no longer publicly available on their web page...

    Would you please share with me your experience and opinions?

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  • Hello EIEsgalho,

    Without any licence, SRS2022 working and is stable.

    The 3D engine is changing (Use now Directx). In simulation mode, I found some crash but not often (I hope it's some "youth" problems).

    To program, no problem.

    Between 2019 and 2022 the big new functionnality is the new safety configuration tool.

    To download it, I think you need to have and account (technical data).

    If you have a good price and work on Stäubli robots, I advise to buy it :) and win many times. (The solution to use Filezilla and Notepad++ is Ok but lose safety and time)...

    Have a nice new year...

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  • Hi,

    I use SRS 2022 and I think it's better than it used to be ;) It can be improved (still some little bugs yet) but I think in few years it will be like RobotStudio ABB or equivalent software.

    Buy it if you have to work now on staubli robots because you can prepare offLine very easily. If not wait the future version ;)

    I hope I helped you camarade

  • SRS is update every arround 2 months (free) and every 3 years (not free)

    I'm agree with mR.PCX it's actually the best tool to simulate a robot installation...after RobotStudio, but very far before Kuka Sim and If you work with's an other world.


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