Moving Devicenet I/O and data to another robot.

  • How’s everybody doing?

    I had a question I’m really hoping you guys can help me figure out; I’m a robotic laser processing engineer and need help figuring how to transfer Devicenet data from one robot to another. We’re using a Trumpf Trudisk laser with no PLC; when I set this robot up, I had to manually enter the names of all the I/O and everything— since I’m communicating with the same laser, can I just copy over all the I/O and the names so that doesn’t have to all be manually entered?

    Any answer is greatly appreciated, I hope this question finds you guys well and in good health.

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  • What variable would this be in inside of the teach pendant and is there any special way I have to because they’re communicating over Devicenet?

  • My apologies, I was off from work the last few days of last week and forgot to check back to this thread.

    When I backup the DIOCVGSV.IO variable, will that automatically sync to my Trumpf Trudisk laser? Or do I have to go through and set the communication up for that robot still? My apologies if that’s a dumb question, I’m newer to this field.

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