Negative M Code arguments NC Conversion

  • Hi all!, I'm working with a Fanuc R-2000iC/R-30iB Plus robot using the NC Program conversion option (R775). According to the documentation, I can pass three arguments (T commands) to an M Code. I have tested that successfully, but the issue is that the conversion fails (ASBN-009, ASBN-092) if any of those arguments are negative.

    This succeeds:

    N0020 M251T744.707T882.47T595.378

    While this fails:

    N0020 M251T744.707T-882.47T595.378

    Does anyone know a way of passing negative numbers to M Code arguments via T codes? Thanks!

  • Hi Rupeshk,

    The line I provided in my original post is the only relevant line of code. To make my original question more clear; that line is from a ".nc" program. When I load that onto the robot controller, it attempts to convert it to a .tp (and .ls) file using the NC Program conversion option (R775). When the above line contains a negative number in the T code, the conversion fails. I have not been able to find any combinations of parentheses or brackets that allows that to convert successfully.

    I ended up getting around this by using the absolute value of the desired T code and then creating a new M code so I could pass a 1 or 0 for if the original number was negative or not. Not an ideal solution, but it works.


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