Unable to select RAMDISK as auto backup device on DX100

  • Hello!

    I am attempting to move and communicate with my ES165D robot controlled by a DX100 controller using the RoboDK software.

    According to RoboDK website communication requires the High Speed Ethernet, HSE, function to be enabled.

    To set up the HSE function I follow the HW1480958.6 (DX100 OPTIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR HIGH-SPEED ETHERNET SERVER FUNCTION) manual.

    I have set up the ethernet function according to the manual HW0485429.1 (DX100 OPTIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR ETHERNET FUNCTION).

    That manual refers to the manual RE-CKI-A456.3 (DX100 OPTIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR DATA TRANSMISSION FUNCTION) whose Chapters 8 (Remote Function Setting) and 5 (Host Control Function of DX100) I have used to set up the transmission protocol.

    In the end the Pseudo Input Sig. reads:

    #82014 Inhibit IO ... OFF (White Circle)

    #82015 CMD Remote Sel ... ON (Black Circle)

    #82016 Inhibit PP/Panel ... OFF (White Circle)

    The RS parameters are as follows:

    RS000 = 2

    RS022 = 1

    RS029 = 1

    RS034 = 200

    RS035 = 200

    The S2C parameters read:

    S2C0541 = 0

    S2C0542 = 0

    S2C0680 = 1

    However, there is one more procedure which the manual HW1480958.6 mentions, and that is setting up the automatic back up to RAMDISK. There is simply no option to set RAMDISK to Device, there are only CF: Pendant and USB: Pendant options.

    It should also be noted that I am able to access the FTP server on DX100 and read out the directories, but all the files have size 0. When connecting through RoboDK on port 2000 (using the MotomanHSE driver) the message reads that the controller did not respond in time.

    I am at a loss as to what to do from here, any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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