Restoring Kawasaki FC006N

  • This is really cool how I found this page! I bought an FC006N a few months ago and have been trying to take this same journey. Although with the lack of support and documentation I really couldn't move forward with the project. It looks like I have everything I need except for the teach pendant:

    I called Kawasaki to figure out what would be compatible and they gave me this part number: 50817-1231 (Which turns up nothing at all, I cant even find proof that such a part# exists). What was the part# of the TP your using? and how exactly did you get it connected?

    The controller came with a floppy disk that had KCwin ver. KCW000-7 (for Windows 3.1, 95) That I opened up in an old Windows 95 machine, but couldn't get the controller to respond through the RS232 port, or the terminal software to do anything really. Where can I download KCwin32? Looks Like your running on Windows 7?

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  • Welcome to the forum........... :beerchug:

    I have moved your post and created a new thread as your post lacks in many details.

    - Feel free to modify the title.

    The part number 50817-1231 certainly exists and relates to a type 2 MFP (not as common as type 1).

    You will need a valid teach pendant to manually move the robot, without one, you have very limited use of the robot, especially if firmware is required loading and some simple setting changes.

    KCwin32 will operate across all windows platforms from 95 onwards.

    You can obtain alternative applications from here:

    Kawasaki Online Terminal Editors - Manuals, Software and Tools for Kawasaki Robots - Robotforum - Support and discussion community for industrial robots and cobots (

    Can you provide the following information:

    - Controller variant as per rating plate.

    - Arm variant as per rating plate.

    - Images of controller and images of inside of controller.

    - Any errors and description of error when powered up.

  • CoyBeard

    Changed the title of the thread from “Kawasaki FC006N” to “Restoring Kawasaki FC006N”.
  • Thank you :)

    I'm unable to put multiple photos in one reply so:

    The robot and controller were purchased at the same time from an ebay seller who claimed it was fully functional.

    Upon power the error indicator lamp powers on and clears when I press error clear button.

    The only time I got the terminal software to return anything was after Is had sit idle for 1-2 hrs and displayed what was seen in the photo

  • I see another C80 controller then.

    You and cguenther should PM each other and have some discussions offline I think.

    The robot and controller were purchased at the same time from an ebay seller who claimed it was fully functional.

    Upon power the error indicator lamp powers on and clears when I press error clear button.

    Obviously not if an error appears on power up !!!!

    Have you done anything with it at all - such as being informed about controller and arm battery conditions?

    KCWIn32 application screen looks like cabling and/or baudrate setting issues.

    - What type of cable are you using and what are your com port settings?

    If you can get the KCWin32 working, then you should be able to get the error and description available and carry out some basic tests.

    You will definitely need a teach pendant, without one, you will have very limited use.

    Type 2 Teach pendant looks like the following link:

    KAWASAKI TEACH PENDANT 50817-1260 | eBay

    However, that one that is advertised may have a circular connector, you may need to ask the seller for proof photos and check it has a square connector.

    cguenther is looking at trying to make an adapter so that a more common type teach pendant (type 1) can be used.

    Type 1 Teach pendant looks like the following link but does not have a square connector you require:


    If you are based in the UK, I could pay you a visit...............

  • Hi CoyBeard!

    as Kwakisaki said i am in the nearly same problem, having a C80 with FS006 but without TP. Unfortunately the Mainboard (1HA) is missing as well, but there are some spares which might be used.

    As is have a working C70 as well, i am just about to test to adopt the TP 1 via Adapter on the C80. From the electrical parts this seems quite straight forward, we have to see if there are any incompatibilies with the Firmwares on the TP and the Controller.

    Actually i am waiting for the proper Crimping-Tool to do the job the right way, this might last until beginning of February.

    Concerning your Controller - first of all we should get you in the position to have a proper Serial-Communication with it. As Kwakisaki already asked, please give us moe informations about

    "What type of cable are you using and what are your com port settings?"

    best regards


    BTW: Do you have a second key for the C80-Controller-Cabinet?

  • Alright I've installed KCwin on my Windows10 PC, got an RS232 to USB converter, Installed drivers for the USB converter, Set the COM port for KCwin, and now successful communication :) First thing I tried, just like cguenther, was the ZROBOT command. The maintenance sheets that came in the controller are labeling the Type: FC006NFC80001 and the S/N: 014. the controller originally had the type set to 90 but the first time it started the controller I set it to 1 because the maintenance sheets said it was an FC. But since I got the "ERROR (-1249)Servo parameter changed!" The second time I started the controller (as seen in the image) I set it back to 90 and still the same error.

    Looks like the batteries need replaced, what batteries are compatible with the arm and controller? Any manuals etc.. on replacing those or should I "go in blind"?

    I'm actually based in Ohio, USA so that sounds like quite the trip for you..

    Excited to see if that TP works for you, if so I'll be following in you foot steps there.

    It did come with a spare of each keys, I'd be happy to ship them to you for free just send over some prepaid shipping labels :)

  • I'm actually based in Ohio, USA so that sounds like quite the trip for you.

    Wow, this Kawasaki has earned some air miles then, yes a little more than a simple commute..... :icon_eek:

    Arrrgh.............. :wallbash:

    I wish you had not done the ZROBOT, there was no need.

    You don't buy a car and replace parts before checking if parts need replacing, before inspecting it first.

    First we needed to establish a communication path, so that further checks could be carried out BEFORE making any changes.

    1. Firstly lets make a backup.

    - Go online.

    - At the command prompt type in: SAVE alldata and press enter.

    - A file save will now occur and you will see progress on the screen - it may take some time !!

    - When complete, it will display a message.

    - The saved file will be on your laptop in the directory of the KCWin32 application.

    - Can you post and attach that backup to the post (as long as you happy to).

    - You will need to change the file extension from .as to .txt in order to attach it to a post.

    This would give you a snap shot of the current condition.

    - But as you have changed the robot model to an incorrect version, this will not be correct.

    - You will need to ZROBOT again back to the original setting of number 1.

    2. Encoder battery assembly are nearly exhausted (hence the error/warning) so they need replacing.

    - See attached maintenance manual - Section12 to replace (ignore D controller reference).

    - The following battery assembly are the recommended ones.

    NEW For Maxell ER17/50 Battery for Kawasaki MD500N 50750-1018 3.6V Robot Battery | eBay

    3. The controller also has the same battery assembly as the encoders, these are located inside the controller tie wrapped to the right hand side of the Card Rack.

    - Make a backup.

    - Power off.

    - Replace battery.

    - Power on.

    *** recommended to always make a file save before performing any maintenance tasks ***

  • Thanks, yeah my bad. Where did you see the setting should be 1? Before I ignorantly set it to 1 the controller said the current setting was 90, so the second time I ran ZROBOT I set it back to 90 (as seen in the previous image).

    I did a save alldata and attached is the generated file:

    I'm still waiting for the replacement batteries to install so this is as far as I've gotten.

  • Where did you see the setting should be 1?

    On your screen shot from KCWin 32, upon bootup it displays the Arm variant, No. of Axes and Serial No.

    This was what your ZROBOT was set to initially before you changed it.

    So you should be able to return it to those, using ZROBOT again.

    There's already a pg0 program and a #zero location existing in your backup, so that suggests to me your controller (RAM) battery is at least good at this point.

    However, as your a new owner for it, it would be better to blanket change the encoder and ram battery assemblies straight away.

    The zeroing data looks good (not necessarily correct), but if the encoder battery assembly depletes before you get chance to replace it, then the zeroing data will be lost.

    However, as your a new owner for it, I would check the zeroing and consider re-zeroing anyway just so you know it's correct after you replace the battery assembly.

    Can you do me a favour when you get chance, could you locate the part no.s displayed on the following circled items in the attached picture on the 1GB and 1GM boards.

    If you can get the ZROBOT back, batteries changed at this point, then looks like you could be moving it around soon using KCWin32.

    But you really should look into obtaining a teach pendant, you will be heavily restricted without one.

  • Many thanks for the part no.s....... :top:

    I'm for sure looking to get a TP I'm just unsure which one will work with as little hassle as possible without running me over $500..

    This is the issue with obsolete items, if available, costs are usually extortionate and at sub $500 you would be very lucky indeed.

    I've put some inquires out to see if my local sources can obtain any, but so far just rollin doughnuts, but they're still looking.

    Hopefully something may appear across ebay or some other auction sites.

  • The batteries came in early! I followed the given procedures to change the batteries in both the robot and controller. No More error :) I powered up the controller and terminal software and I see a "ERROR (-600)Motor power OFF." I press the Motor Power button on the controller two more times and the same error message returns two more times. Next thing I did was a SAVE alldata. I attached the returned file:

    I put the two files (before and after battery change) in difference checker. The only difference before and after the battery change was "CONT_TIM" on line 298. Before battery change it was 29.0 now its 29.2. Which I'm assuming is just a timer and doesn't matter that much?

    The manuals say Error (-600) is "Motor power OFF. Displayed whenever an emergency

    stop is encountered" So this means my safety circuit is open? The estop button is not pressed and I also tried cycling the estop and pressing error reset. I'm assuming its the estop button on the missing pendant.. Is there a way to know what the pin designations are on the pendant's plug so I could jumper them out for now?

    I found some TP, the plugs don't match but if I make an adapter will any of these work?:

  • Looks good............. :top:

    Don't forget to ZROBOT it back to the correct model.

    Before battery change it was 29.0 now its 29.2. Which I'm assuming is just a timer and doesn't matter that much?


    The manuals say Error (-600) is "Motor power OFF. Displayed whenever an emergency

    stop is encountered" So this means my safety circuit is open?


    - You have 3 emergency stop circuits on the Kawasaki that run in series connection:

    - Operator panel, teach pendant, external emergency stop.

    - All 3 circuits need to be complete in order to allow motor power on.

    - You need to ensure the external emergency stop circuit is also configured.

    - Check your conversation for the external IO connection document - C80 references are in there.

    Please read the following and be clear and understand before you spend money on anything:

    - Kawasaki produced and supplied teach pendants with/without cables.

    - The part no. on the rear of ANY teach pendant, is the part no. of the teach pendant ONLY.

    - The part no. on the cable is the part no. relative to the connector/cable length ONLY.

    - If purchased together, a hybrid of the part no of the teach pendant AND cable was used.

    - When 'shopping', you need to make sure whoever is selling it can provide these details.

    - Just a picture of the teach pendant part no may not be correct, you need to see the connector.

    Type 1 and Type 2 teach pendants are designed to work with Cxx controllers.

    - The links I posted in #4 are of the Type 1 and Type 2 teach pendants, no others can be used.

    - C80 controllers are manufactured to take Type 2 with a square molex connector.

    - Other Cxx controllers were commonly supplied with Type 1 circular connectors.

    - Some C3x controllers were supplied with Type 2 and square connectors.

    - Type 1 teach pendant part no is usually 50817-122x

    - Type 2 teach pendant part no could be 50817-123x or 50817-126x.

    - The cables/connectors could be obtained with either a circular OR square connector.

    - C80 controllers therefore you should be looking ideally for a Type 2 with square connector.

    Type 1 and Type 2 teach pendants were available with either circular OR square connectors.

    - I have never seen an adaptor to convert circular>square or square>circular.

    - Logic tells me, as they could be supplied with either connector, an adapter could be made.

    - cguenther has a type 1 circular connector and is in process of making a circular>square adapter.

    (check your conversation for the wiring of C80 and C70 teach pendant signals inc emergency stop).


    Commands sent from KCWin, can cause FULL speed motions of the robot.

    This is very risky unless you are competent with such commands and have a safe and correct emergency stop circuit accessible and a robot sufficiently mounted with clear space to move.

    Personally, if I was you I would:

    - Check and configure your external emergency stop and teach pendant emergency stop.

    - Appreciate that you have no teach pendant and emergency stop button available.

    - Wait for cguenther to see if he is successful or not before buying a type 1 teach pendant.

    - Or try and locate a type 2 teach pendant with a square connector so you have a correct system.

    Now for you and cguenther

    - A local source of mine in the UK appears to have some 50817-1260 Type 2 pendants available.

    - I am waiting for them to confirm if they have circular or square connectors.

    - They cannot guarantee if they work or not as they don't have any controllers to test them on.

    - Therefore they can only supply these as untested and no prices have been discussed.

    - Hopefully I will get further news on this next week.

    Dependent on the results, if either of you would be interested, I will pass over their details to you, so that you can deal with them directly and negotiate whatever deal you can with them.

  • Dependent on the results, if either of you would be interested, I will pass over their details to you, so that you can deal with them directly and negotiate whatever deal you can with them.

    CoyBeard and cguenther

    Please check your conversation for an update.

  • Good to have those, especially the firmware records..... :top:

    The Kawasaki Test Record always made me laugh.......I could never see the point of it as there were no real results in terms of value comparisons across 'x' amount of cycles.

    Just imagine receiving it, with a NOT OK in one of the judgment fields.

  • The spec sheets are golden to keep.

    In the event you ever have to reinitialize the controller:

    - this defaults everything to an empty robot and makes it unusable.

    - those spec sheets can return it to a shipping condition - ready to go out of the box.

    - if you make a file save, this could be used to load in after an initialization to return to it's last state.

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