Motoman DX100 P Variables

  • New to Motoman and trying to understand the P Variable. I would like to share P variables between jobs and the since they are global that seems like a simple task. What is throwing me is that when I look at an archived job using a text editor I see the P variable position listed in the job making it appear to be a local variable. I would expect a separate file to hold the P variables similar to the way it is done in Fanuc Robots. I want to make sure that if the P variable is changed in one job that change is reflected in another job. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • try searching here on fórum. That has been mentiined couple months ago. If I remember well, in order to P variable not be written in job file it needs to br P[].

    But however, if you have P variable in a job, once you change it in "variables" that change will affect all the programs that are using it.

  • Hi

    There are two type of variables in Yaskawa robots, global and local.

    It is depends on what type you are using.

    The global Position variables show with P and the local Position with LP.

    If you are using normal position variables that are under VARIABLES menu, it is global variables therefore any change in this variables have effect on all job. If you change this variables in a job, it have effect on other jobs too.

    But if you use the LP variables, the change of this variables have effect only on job that are using it. The local variables must select and active in each job separate.

  • If you want to use global P variables has to not have LP in the job

    To view Variables go Main menu, variables, Position variables

    Send a screenshot of job if you wish

  • When you save a job to external memory the values of those global position variables that are used in that job get stored in the .jbi file. But the values are whatever they are at the time on saving (not from when you last ran that job). So the values in the job backup file may have nothing to do with that specific job.

    Use global variables wherever you want. Just keep in mind that when using the same variables in different jobs (which is totaly ok) you need to think of them as something not permanent. So before each time you use the variable in a job something should define it's value (SET instruction, touch sence etc).

    BTW when you load a backup job from external memory the position variable values in the controller will be overwritten with whatever values the backup file has, so be careful when you load a backup. Choose a time when it's ok to overwrite position variable values.

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