Abb S4c+ Dsqc 327 ad combo

  • Hi all,

    We’re currently have a software hardware pipeline working for our robot cell (software robodk with adjustment to s4c post-processor) we can currently activate tools and such via 8 digital outputs, But there is something that we can not fully understand about the workings of our dsqc 327 ad combo. The io board should support 16 digital outs 16 digital ins and 2 analog output channels. On the teachpendant we see only a total of 16 Digital inputs and outputs. Why can’t we see the the other 16 inputs outputs + the analog output in the pendant ? Can somebody elaborate on the dsqc327 ad combo.

    Thanx Marcel Kerkmans

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  • The picture shows attributes for digital output DO_03.

    Always make a backup before making changes!

    Go to I/O Unit parameters and verify Board_01 is set for 16 inputs and 16 outputs.

    If that is correct, then go to the I/O User Signal parameters and make sure any of those 16in & 16out you would like to use are defined.

    Setting up I/O parameters is explained in the User Manual.

    Attach the EIO.cfg file from your backup if you need more help.

  • Hi Skooter,

    Thanx for the quick reply, we also took a look at the eio.cfg, it looks like the digital inputs/outputs are not defined yet @ I/O User Signal parameters tab. Were currently working with robodk and adjusted post-processor for the output and it works without the defined inputs/outputs that said how the analog channels would be discoverable on the robot computer is still a question to me its also not stated in the EIO.cfg file. For your understanding the dsqc 327 ad combo is connected to can 1 at the base.

    Attached is the EIO.cfg like to here your toughts on this matter.

    Regards Marcel

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