Command dx200 from siemens plc tia portal v16

  • Hi all, I would like control robot fs100 dx200 from plc siemens tia portal setting position, coordinate system and start and stop movement. It is possible control yaskawa robot without program dx200 directly?

    many thanks in advance

  • At the normal way it isn't possible but there are some way to this connection.

    If you need to have control on IOs, you can use CP1616 on Yaskawa controller (i don't know which controller are you using)

    If you will have control on all things and the PLC control your robot, you can use Motologix. That is an option and need to payment for active and buy, also need CP1616 card.

    If you will have control on robot IOs and variables, you can use Modbus TCP. It need an activation on Yaskawa controller and a cards on Siemens PLC.

  • Mnay thanks for your answer, I would like activate ethernet board on dx200 - vs100 but the ethernet/ip cpu board is not settable and is NOT USED. Can you help me activate ethernet communication and modbus and profinet communication?

    many thank in advance

  • Thank you very much. Also for 4.0 settings I need modbus ethernet connection. I tryed using management user and safety user but ethernet is not activable. I remember I need rotate a switch in the dx200 electronic card but I don't remember number

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