MotoSIM - Lost Model

  • Dear all, Currently, I'm using Motosim to simulate GP50 with some external axis. When I turn off project and open again, I lost my robot model. I still can see the base frame but the others is hide. I already tried to tick the Model in Hide/See tab (Cab tree) but its not working. Is there anyone have face this before? I would like to seek your help. Thank you

  • Hi,

    Did you save your project after load any model on your project?

    The Motosim don't take auto save. You need save your project after any change in load model, change in JOBs and other changes.

    Thank for your support,

    I just found out that I use the linear with wrong ball-screw pitch setting. Therefore, when I'm running some job without notice to the screen, the robot is moving away.

    Btw, Is there any way we can zoom into model which show in the cad tree?


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