Yamaha Zone Setting (YK-XE Scara, RCX340 controller)

  • Hello,

    I'm programming a Yamaha robot for the first time, Usually our company does Yaskawa/Mitsubishi (This robot is a YK-XE610 SCARA with a RCX340 controller and CC link option, it is a nice little machine).

    I've manage to get the robot to output signals when it enter certain zones using the "Area Check Output" function but I would like to prohibit it from entering some of those zones. I could do it via an alarm on the PLC side but usually I just do it all on the robot controller. The robot is also getting some of its location data from a Keyence 2D camera controller so it would be nice to stop it from going some places in case of weird camera data. Does anyone here regularly do Yamaha robots who could give me some advice? I have a feeling I should be setting up something with the Task system Yamaha has but I don't fully understand it yet.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Just as an update to this incase anyone finds this thread in the future:

    What I ended up doing is loading a short program as a seperate task slot that would stop the robot if it entered either of the zones I didn't want it to enter, This runs along side the main program constanlty in the background.




    'プログラム名前:ZONE CHECK


    'This program controls zone alarms






    IF SO2(3)=1 THEN GOTO *NGZONE (NO GO zone 1 bit)

    IF SO2(4)=1 THEN GOTO *NGZONE (NO GO zone 2 bit)





    HALTALL (Command that stops all programs)

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