KRC4 compact cabinet to add a KUKA rotary positioner

  • Hello everyone!

    I have here a KRC4 compact cabinet, KSS 8.6 and KR8 R1620 ARC HW robot for welding.
    What i need to do now is to add a one axis rotary positioner like KP1-HC.

    I asked a KUKA for a drive box, positioner etc. but they are telling me that it is not possible to add any KUKA positioner to this compact cabinet.

    I don't need load more than 500kg for the positioner, so it can be with the smallest possible motor, but still they are saying it is not possible.

    Anyone with experience in this?

    I really need to use positioner with this robot - how this can be done?

    Or i need to buy a small size cabinet - that would be really expensive as they suggested...



  • I'm not intimately familiar with the KRC4Compact, but having seen the inside of a few, I'm not surprised that KUKA says it doesn't support additional axes.

    What degree of motion integration do you need? If you only need an indexer, then you could use a 3rd-party servo and command it using I/O.

    OTOH, if you need full kinematic integration, where the robot can weld on the positioner while the positioner rotates, your options are very limited. Either you add a KUKA 7th axis "the right way", or you try rolling your own with RSI (which, while technically possible, would be an entire R&D exercise of its own).

  • What i want is KUKA "the right way" 7th axis as the robot will be used for welding and it needs a kinematic integration. There is a drive box option but it is limited to 12A max power as i was told which cannot move any of the KUKA positioners available ;(

  • the KRC4compact is the small controller and it powered from a single phase circuit. the same goes for the matching drivebox. obviously this is why there are limitations on current and motor size.

    but as usual, when there is a will, there is a way.

    small drive and motor can still be used to move huge load. simply change the gearbox to get suitable gear ratio. increasing gear ratio by suitable factor (3 or 10x for example) would give you ability to drive larger loads but speed of the positioner would be of reduced. that may still be ok since arc welding is a pretty slow process and you mentioned using kinematic coupling.

    the other option is to not use kinematic coupling. have a larger single axis drive of suitable size (large) and control the positioner as an indexing table. then large drive can make the quick repositioning but there will be no welding on fly while positioner is moving.

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