Motoman DX100 Macro Question

  • I need to know if the robot was jogged while in teach mode and I do not have the system programming option to run in the background and monitor the "Jog Operation" Specific Output #55. Unfortunately that bit is reset when a program is started in PLAY mode and that is when I would need to know if it was jogged. I created a macro to monitor Sout#55 and set a variable but I need to run the macro when changing from Teach to Play or run it from a PLC output signal. Is either possible? If not possible, alternative ideas are welcome. Thanks

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  • Hi,

    if I understand right:

    So if you don't have system job, you can still do something with the ladder. In the ladder you can

    set the value of a register(example):

    STR #50076

    MOV 1,M000

    Will move 1 to your register when sout#55 will be on and the REGISTER m000 can be used in a job.

    Now you don't explain how the macro would work so I don't know if you could still "program" your idea without system job.

    • Helpful

    I imagine you are using this for a restarting condition for safety. What I have done in the past is write this in the ladder.

    STR #50076 Jog Operation Inform

    OR #01220 Universal/General Purpose Input #969

    AND-NOT #11220 Universal/General Purpose Input #969

    AND-NOT #50117 Cube #32

    OUT #01220 Universal/General Purpose Input #969

    If someone has jogged the robot and it is not in a safe cube (32), I seal up Input 969. The macro jog can't have an IF condition so I will use JUMP and *LABEL to skip around it. JUMP *LABEL IF IN#(969)=OFF. You don't specify controller generation so there may be other ways such as an IFTHEN, etc.

    I quite often also use #50075 in series with #50076. This signal indicates that the job to be executed has just been edited, searched, or manipulated with the cursor ON. This can be used for determining starting conditions after editing.

    The job will pulse Output #(969) to break the seal.

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