Need Help with Mastering

  • I changed a DCS setting and on the next power up i had a quick mastering for group 1 not set. I followed the procedure and did a set quick Master Ref . When i check the DCS Mastering parameters, the master count numbers are correct. But no position is correct. I been scrolling through the menus and see set up and ref postion. I am new to mastering and want to know what the process is . I have the old program in roboguide. would uploading the backup fix this?

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  • R47 I tried that and didn’t seem to work . I then tried to do a whole back up by uploading all the files but now I believe the features were not uploaded . With robo guide don’t think I can create image files . Is there a way to back it up using the dt file ? When I uploaded all the files it has a different start program on start up . But when I create a new cell with the dt file it works .

  • backdate.dt is only for roboguide.

    Roboguide is not used at all for backup or restore of a robot.

    Did you ever take an image backup on your real robot?

    Did you ever take an all of the above file backup from your real robot?

    After changing the quick mattering did you apply the DCS changes and enter the password?

    What do you mean features are missing? That doesn't make sense.

  • I was referring to the paid features HawkME but i was incorrect and on the second attempt it all is loaded correctly now. Thanks for the help. Currently have a IRPK-217 Invalid Robot ID and no information online as to which menu it is located so that i can change it. Any help with that? Thanks

  • The only Robot ID found is in a system variable. Hopefully that is it.

    Go to Menu>System>Variables. Scroll down to $SCR_GRP, then press enter. Then scroll down to $ROBOT_ID. It should be the model of your robot.

    For example: M-10iA/12

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