Setting a program as main program

  • Hi guys,

    I'm working with R-30iB mate plus Fanuc robot. I already have couple of programs. I'd like to select specified program from the program list. I'd like to run that specified program each time I press the start button. Is this possible?

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for your answer,

    When i follow the path, MENU, SETUP, Prog Select, there is no button named OTHER. I'm just a newbie at programing a robot. so could you please be more spesific?

    I just got that I need to learn how to external start. I found the UI[6] START signal. All I need is run a spesific program from the program list with a button. How can I connect a button to UI[6] START signal that would start a spesific program from the program list?

  • Hi

    This is the key sequence.


    Hello Fabian Munoz,

    The true path is MENU, SETUP, Prog Select, Choice, Other.

    I set it as OTHER and chose the desired program. But I still dont know how can I use it. Cuz when I start automatically the robot another program started to run. Is this an error and how can I fix it?

    Thanks a lot

  • On the screen that you see the option OTHER, What do you have for Production start method. You should have UOP and you should start the program with UI6 Start


    What do you mean with start it with UI6 ?

    I'd like to start it with a button, when I press that button I want to run the desired program from the program list.


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