Commmand gear torque A2

  • Description: Robot KR10 R1100-2 KSS 8.3.39

    a robot hangs from the ceiling and has L bracket on the flange - we use HEX F/T sensor and use RSI for sensor communication and correction of the path

    In the WorkVisual is set that the robot is on the sealing, the new TCP was calculated in the robot.

    Error: Command gear torque A2

    Stop by $CORRECTION function(reset or block selection required) Originator: A2

    Does anyone have an idea if we may have forgotten some settings - the same program worked for us on a robot that was not attached to the ceiling and did not have an L bracket

    Thank you in advance

  • How did you configure the robot to be ceiling mounted? Can you show machine data?

    Is the robot absolute accurate?

    Has the robot a counter balancing system?

    Both these conditions would mean the robot cannot be mounted on the ceiling, because internal models (dynamics model, absolute accuracy model) would be calculating results not fitting your ceiling robot which would lead to command gear torque errors. For these models you would need a totally different set of configuration data and not only gravity direction needs to be flipped.

    Think about the counter balancing system instead of pull it would in ceiling configuration need to push. Since its A2 my guess is you have a counter balancing system.


  • In the Manual it seas that robot can be attached to the ceiling

    When we manually change its position, the robot moves normally.

    The problem occurs when we test hand guidance with the help of the HEX sensor - along the global X,Y axis it still moves normally, but in the direction of the global Z axis this problem occurs (movement in height/upright)

    Thank you for response

  • there is no counterbalance on Agilus line of robot.

    also there is no oil in Agilus axes - lubricant is grease. (on some robots where lubricant is oil, quantities need to change when robot mounting is different) .

    are you using correct MADA for ceiling robot or did you compare it to floor mounted MADA?

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  • And maybe load parameters are not ok?

    No it should not. Load data is given with respect to the flange system and the flange system does not change when putting a robot on the ceiling. Only $Robroot changes (or in case of a KL involved $ersysroot).

    As Panic suggested I would make a diff between floor mounted and ceiling mounted madas. If available possibly also for not WorkVisual created machine data of your robot but for data inside the machine data tree of an KUKA installation image. This would help to identify whether for your robot type some additional changes might be necessary.


  • that file is a part of one file set (robot MADA contains also $robcor.dat).

    manually reading and parsing of long files is a possibility but that is tedious and error prone. as already suggested, it is much better to use a tool to find the differences between two sets of MADA. suitable tool is software such as Beyond Compare, WinMerge, KDiff etc.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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