Automatic forklift - picking a load

  • I was recently building a forklift out of lego blocks to transport a load from point A to B for my university, and I was reminded of a problem regarding forklifts that I once heard. The biggest problem with automated forklifts is picking a load from a rack - why? Maybe there is someone here from the industry who could give me an expert answer.

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  • Not from the industry, but was involved some 15 years ago in building high bay racks. I think it has to do with the deflections the rack structure is to experience. Every load is different so the deflections are. Pallets close to the upright get less deflections than pallets in the middle. And this deflection is always different, also depending on the load of the neighboring racks when the have a common profile (where the pallets are standing). There is also "double deep" racks where the pallet fork has to reach to the 2nd row, where there is also to consider the deflection of the fork itself.

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