Call program via a button on User screen

  • Hi everyone.

    I created a user screen on Teachpendant. I want to draw a button that when I push that button, a program will be called (to move Robot to a point or do calculation..).

    Is it possible?

    Please help me. Thank you very much

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  • linh_hn_vn

    Changed the title of the thread from “Call program via a button in User screen” to “Call program via a button on User screen”.
  • If you want to call the program using Interface Panel, then make the condition for running as External

    • Make Teach Play condition to Run the Robot with External for Motors ON, Playback mode Program sel
    • Assign Interface Panel for

    2 buttons(Push Button Stay-3002) for Ext Stop, Ext Motors ON

    1 button(Input 3 digits-3030) for Prog No

    1 button(Push button Release-3003) for Ext Start

    • On the software PLC, Link the above Outputs to the Input.
    • In the Input Signal assignment-Assign the above Inputs for Ext Stop, Motors on, Prog Sel, and Ext Start.

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