Kuka SNCT (Safety Network Configuration Tool) ??

  • Hi everyone,

    Does Kuka provide an SNCT (Safety Network Configuration Tool)?

    We are working to integrate a KR C4 controller with a Schneider M580 safety PLC to communicate via CIP Safety over Ethernet/IP.

    One of the key parameters to set is the SCID (Safety Configuration ID) otherwise known as "Configuration Signature" in Schneider documentation.

    SCID = concatenation of SCCRC (Safety Configuration CRC) + SCTS (Safety Configuration Timestamp).

    According to documentation, the SCCRC and the SCTS can be obtained from the SNCT. They are then input into Schneider Control Expert in the DTM settings. This ensures a verified CIP connection between the PLC and KR C4.

    We are also asking Kuka customer support, but wanted to check on the forum as well.


  • robot side safety configuration is done in WorkVisual.

    several safety networks options exist, one of them is CIP Safety (over EthernetIP). But there are limitations. each safety network is only meant to work with PLCs from companies that invented/popularized that network type.

    in other words:

    in case of EtherentIP that is AllenBradley safety PLCs. The safety signature is created/assigned in PLC software, because that is how Rockwell Software/Allen Bradley do things.

    In case of ProfiSafe, company behind the network is Siemens so this is only meant to

    work with Siemens safety PLCs. Safety ID for robot is set in robot safety configuration.

    In case of FSoE, company behind the network is Beckhoff so this is only meant to work with Beckhoff safety PLCs. Safety ID for robot is set in robot safety configuration.

    Using other PLC brands to create safety network with KRCs may be possible but without official support (documents such as application notes, etc.) it will be an uphill battle. There was earlier reported case of someone succeeding with setting up CIP safety with Omron PLC. If you insist on trying to make it work with your chosen hardware, search forum and that discussion. That is probably the best path forward you may find.

    good luck and tell us how it goes.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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