Multimove Controller - Missing option files on one of two robot.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently working on a Welding cell including two 2600ID robot and a IRBP/R positioner.

    Our Robotware version is on ( when the comissionning began but we had to downgrade it).

    This cell options include two Bulleyes systems, one for each robot, but the BE files (.sys files and such) are completely missing on robot 2 task (but are actually presents on robot 1). Since there seems to be some hidden files in this option package, i assume this is not a good idea to try to copy the files manually from one task to another, there will certainly be a lot of missing files in it...

    Is there a way to install this particular option only on one of the task (if possible without having to reinstall the whole system)?

    Or does it need to be "activated" somewhere for every tasks that need it?

    I cannot find anything on Robotstudio nor did i find any clues on this topic trough internet searches.

    In advance, thank you very much,


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