KRC5 Micro STAND_STILL error

  • Hey there,

    I came across a situation using a KRC5 Micro - KR6 R900-2 Agilus with a ForTTran SG 500-20 Force/Torque sensor.

    If during a ForceTorqueControl Task the safety barrier is opened I get the following error.


    STAND_STILL: Current position and start position STAND_STILL not identical

    The problem is that this particular error can not be reset from the PLC and the robot has to be switched to T1, which is a huge inconvenience for the client.

    Has anyone encountered this and found any work-arounds?


  • AD
  • You can enter the error message into the KrcExtConfMsg.xml file to be able to reset this message in EXT mode.

    Problem solved.

    Thanks a million.

    I had some doubts about what format the error code should be written in, but I figured it out.

    Here's a screenshot in case someone else comes across this issue.

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