KUKA KRC2 Palletizing

  • Hi!
    I have this palletizing project for Kuka KRc2 robot.

    I've never had an occasion to program any robot, But after three days I must say it seems quite fine. (I'm not a robotics guy, just inside IT Helpdesk).


    I have no ideas how to make a palletizing program .The loop with interrupt on sensor signal so the loop starst when the part comes out of the machine, okay it was easy. But how do you people program it to pick up more than one part. Is there a way to inform robot that every part should be putted on a palette little higher? I don't want to use any elevators for palette etc. I want robot to do this. I can program 40 moves for 40 elements, and set him little higher every time, but i believe there must be something better/easier.


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    in this pic you need 4 POS to drop your boxes onto the palette actually. Firstly you need to do a touch-up for the 1st box and lets assume the POS variable is pos1st, therefore:

    pos2st = pos1st

    pos2st.x = pos2st.x - 500 (the length of the box)

    and the same way by using X and Y offsets for pos3rd and pos4th.

    after you put 4 boxes, you will shift your base which you assigned like:

    $BASE[1].Z = $BASE[1].Z + 200*counter (200mm=Height of the box) (you need to enhance counter after 4 boxes and at the and you need to reset it)

  • Possibly helpful: Grid/Palletizing library and example

    the simplest way to do a 3D palletizing pattern (assuming no box rotations) is to create a Base frame with it's origin at one corner of the pallet. Teach your "zero drop" position in that Base frame, usually at that same corner.

    Then, for each box, add an offset to the Base:

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