Tool interference

  • We have a GP180-120 on a YRC1000 Controller. Is there a way to set up the tool interference so that it faults out if it comes in contact with any part of the robot arm? I set up the tool data in the tool interference page but it doesn't stop the tool from crashing into the robot arm.

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  • Yeah we have that but it only stops if the robot enters a restricted area. The tooling is always straight but when it stretches out it sometimes will crash on itself with the tooling hitting the arm. I was hoping with the tool data in that it would stop from hitting itself but it doesn't.

  • With the YRC and FSU, if the tool is modeled correctly in the Tool Interference file it should not hit the arm.

    Is the correct tool modeled?

    Is the correct tool being used for jogging and used in the jobs?

    Is the radius correct for the different pieces modeled?

    Does the tool look correct visually in the operation area monitor?

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