How to get the actual TCP with HERE instruction

  • HI!

    I am trying to get the actual TCP of the robot , i saw that the instruction HERE returns the position but i am having problems using it , my question is , with what data type do i have to use it?

    I was trying to move the value to a pointrx but it says there is an error , i have also tryed with trsf data type but i guess i am doing something wrong.

    Thanks ina dvance!!

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  • Hello,


    Your line is correct if

    pActualTcp is a PointRx (6axes robot) or a PontRs (4axes robot)

    tTaladrato is a Tool

    and fDrilling is a frame.

    But here() return a cartesian position, not the actual Tcp (tool)

    What the error message ?

    Best regards,

  • Hi!

    I run the program in the robot and i get a ERR70

    Yes , i want the the cartesian position between the fdrilling which is a frame and the ttaladrado which is a tool

  • Hello,

    ERR70 :Invalid instruction parameter. See the corresponding instruction.

    In manuel mode, it is possible to select the Frame, and the Tool, and learn the point ?

    If it's Ok, can you show us the program (2 or 3 lines before and after this line) ?

    Control the message in the logger.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for your help Galet!!

    It turns out that i was introducing wrong parameters to the frame data and that was the actual error instead of the here

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