Kawasaki Backup Script

  • Hey guys!

    I've seen inthe Kawasaki documentation commands to save files viatelnet. I am thinking of preparing a script ( in python or sth) to do regular backup (e.g. 1 per day) for my robots. I will be working with E and F controllers. Currently I only have KROSET simulator. There are SAVE commands in AS documentation, but to use them I have to add name of the program I want to save, as in the screenshot.
    But, what if I don't know which program is "main" program? What name I should enter on this command? I tested on KROSET and KRTERM simple "SAVE test" and it saves a file "test" but I'm not sure if there is everything. I wonder if this file is enough to recover whole project?

    Or should I use SAVE/P, read the program names on the controller and download every one of them by SAVE file_name = received_name1, received_name2...,

    Once I have, I will try to calculate a checksum of the file to check if anything has changed in project, and then overwrite the stored file.

    Has anybody done something like this?

  • SAVE/FULL 'filename' (E/F controller not earlier) - backup is a full save of all data (includes logging information) .

    SAVE 'filename' - backup is a full save of all data (excluding logging information and non critical).

    Both file saves can be used to recover the robot from worse case scenario:

    - CPU board failure/replacement.

    - CF card failure/replacement (assuming CF card is prepared already with OS/AS/SV).

    Program names are programmers' privilege just like variable names, so can/more than likely will differ from robot to robot.

    If variables are used, then they are likely to ALWAYS differ if they are being dynamically/programmatically changed during execution time so backups are rarely identical.

    You can do 'time' based file dumps using the autosave function too.

    You can of course create 'image' files of the entire CF card (E and F controllers) for backup purposes too.

  • What "non-critical information" means?

    Data like error logs etc.

    A backup contains ALL the necessary information to restore the robot settings and user data to the time it was produced if used correctly **

    ** Warning **

    There are always possibilities of introducing problems when overwriting data with replacement data.

    Do not load a backup from a different robot onto another expecting to 'clone' it, you will experience a world of pain if you do.

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