Staubli How to pass from float to 4 Bytes and viceversa

  • Hi!

    I am working with a Staubli CS9 controller which is a profinet slave of a Siemens 1500CPU , i am trying to send and receeive floats values between both.

    I already have the profinet net working, the CS9 is configured to have 128 bytes input and 128 bytes output trough the j207/208 ports , the things is that in the PLC i want to have floats instead of bytes , i already have the gsdml xml archive with the corresponding inputs/outputs.

    But, how do i turn from 4 bytes to a float and viceversa so i can use real numbers and not hexadeciamal between 0-255 values?

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • AD
  • Hello,

    You need SRS to configure the robot fieldbus.

    You can edit the configuration of the board with Sycon and change the repartition between all the signals (change each 64 bytes modules from Bytes to Signed32).

    Be careful because Sycon is always looking from Master part.

    After change, you can create the new Gsdml file.


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