Can’t change Security mode higher than Edit.

  • Dear sir ,

    I bought a second-hand robot with nx100 controller that is only active up to the editing level and the seller has disabled access to a higher level. How can I enable access or return to the default passwords of Yaskawa company?

  • AD
  • Thank you TSGIR for your response, I saw somewhere that by changing the S2C parameters, the access level can be changed or reset. Can you help in this regard?

  • The problem is you can’t change parameters unless you are in management security level.

    Either contact the people you purchased it from or save your cmos and send to Yaskawa. They can create a simulation from the cmos and get the current password. It’s less than 5 minutes of work to get it.

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  • Xxxx.x.x password

    I think you've missed this part of the forum.

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