RoboDK Ramp1.4 / GRBL / ROS

  • Hello,

    I'm making a 6 axis 3D printed robot, with a raspberry pi and stepper motors.

    I saw that on the Niryon robot they have a raspberry pi with ros and a Ramp1.4, and that they can use RoboDK to create programs.

    I would like to know how to link RoboDK with a raspberry pi with ROS and a Ramp1.4?

    For any other question don't hesitate.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • When we talk about programming a robot with RoboDK, there are two approaches You can have.

    The most common is use RoboDK to generate an OLP (offline program), that You will download from RoboDK and upload on You robot in some way or another. On these cases, what I see people using on these DIY projects is generating programs in G-CODE language, and uploading it to Arduinos using some third party software, like G-Code Sender.

    The uncommon approach would be controlling the mechanical arm directly from RoboDK. This would require some digging at RoboDK API and I don't know any step by step guide available out there.

    RoboDK API - RoboDK Documentation

    Anyway, using approach 1 or 2, You will need to build Your robot inside RoboDK. There is a good list on RoboDK YouTube channel.

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  • Do you have any documentation or forum links that you have seen for your first solution?

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