KUKA.Sim + External Axis sync movement

  • Hello,

    I'm fresh in Kuka systems, in general robot programing. I did programing 1 certification and did some small tasks in robot world, but never used any external axis. Now I'm working on virtual model using KUKA.sim. Application is simple Kuka robot with 2 external axis (welding application). I'm trying to achieve sync movement of robot TCP with external axis rotation, but I have no idea if is possible to do such stuff in kuka.sim or I have to do it on robot directly. I don't have atm OfficeLite, just KUKA.sim.

    I know how to teach positons and run everything, but I dont know how to make sync. movement of the positioners base.

    Next question is, do I need some special option packages to rotate axis sync for this purpose?

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Update: I managed to do it... if anyone will struggle with it. nothing additionally is needed.

    I had to link base to the external axis, couldn't find it before. (its in base define menu, you have to select the surface yourself, there is no checkmark)

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