ABB S4C+ Controller K3 brake contactor

  • Hello community,

    1 month ago we did a reinstall of the system on a compact flashcard with boot files an upgrade bought via abb replacement parts. Btw thanx to Lemster68  Skooter  Black for providing the tools and guidance, installation of the system was successful, after some test we verified that the system was working.

    Last week we had some issues. With the movement of the robot, for unknown reason our abb s4c+ Irb 6400-2.8-200 began to have issues with jogging and now we suddenly can’t jog. We wanted to jog the robot to our work starting position with teachpendant (in our case a 3d printing tool path ) so we can read the quaternion data from the teachpendant and input that data in the offline programming software.

    When on the teachpendant when the deadman switch is pressed motors on contractors click, but brake contractor won’t click.

    When on teachpendant the deadman switch is fully pressed, The following error appears on the teachpendant.

    Error message 37001

    1 Check replace contractors (m.on/auxiliry)

    2 replace panel board

    We’re currently having problems we think with our s4c+ controller-specific the motor brake. We can visually see the k2 motor on both Runchain contractors click and audible sound. The k3 brake doesn’t click we als do not hear the robots motors/brake high pitch sound from being released as before. We have read the manual for some trouble shooting…but….What would be the approach to trickle down to the fault/s at hand here, can some one elaborate on the issue? We have attached the image of the error from teachpendant, an image of the contractors and an image from the power supply. We would like to hear which approach would best to start and to resolve the issue.

    Regards Marcel kerkmans

  • See if there is a momentary difference in potential between A1 and A2 on K3 when the joystick is deflected.

    If there is a flicker there's something wrong with K3. Since the coil didn't energize the system can not detect the brake signal via the aux contacts.

    If not, tracing the brake release signal will need to be done starting with the Panel Board.

  • I want to elaborate on the solution we found for fixing our issue of the contactor.

    Thanx SomeTekk for the tip/trick to trouble shoot the problem. We began with measuring the K3 contactor, we found out that it was working nominal, we had K1 and K2 as a comparison (there the same BC25-30-10-01) . Next stop was the dsqc 509 backpanel, we cleaned the board using a ultrasonic cleaner with isopropanol alcohol. Because Skooter had the tip if joystick deflects K3 coil is energized, we could measure that between A1 and A2. After that we'd checked the wiring by measuring it with a multimeter from pendant cable dsqc 509 connector al the way up in to the teach pendant connector/headers no faulty wires were detected including the cabinet/ teach pendant connector. So we made the assumption that there was no signal coming from the joystick itself, luckily we had a spare teach pendant for parts, so we swapped out the joystick and that fixed the jog issue!

    A tip/trick found on the internet for teach pendant self test mode hold X button on pendant while starting up the controller hold for at least 15 to 20 seconds, there are a few test options displayed on the screen. If you want to exit the self test mode press Enter key

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