Bin picking metallic fittings

  • I am looking for a good solution for small metallic fittings and nuts. They don't want to vibrate or oscillate as they are in a clean room and the parts have been cleaned. I am thinking of 3D bin picking. What is the most robust system out there for this? There seem to be several. Has anyone succeeded with similar parts? Do you have any sample videos picking metallic fittings to share?

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  • Are you looking for a finished and polished solution-provider, or do you want to do some of the work yourself?

    A complete solution-provider would be someone like Scape Technologies. I have worked with them on bigger projects, but they also offer standalone off-the-shelf solutions.

    Another solution could be to reach out to the robot manufacturer, as most of them offer solutions for this. This does require a lot more work to implement though, but is of course cheaper up front.

    Omron, KUKA.SmartBinPicking, Fanuc, Yaskawa/Motoman

  • The forums specific to a major robot brand tend to get more traffic so if you have already chosen a brand then you might get better responses there.

    For your application you could use a combination of a 3D bin picking system and a traditional 2D vision system. A 3D camera system can do a rough locate of the parts (assuming they are some what piled on top of each other?) then you could pick them with a magnet (assuming they are all magnetic) and place them onto a small platform. You would have the 2D camera above the platform. That would allow you to verify what you have picked is actually what you want and then pick it up again with a better orientation before placing it into the final location.

  • I did a similar project using one kawasaki BA robot (arc weld robot ) with a vacuum gripper and photoneo xl phoxi scanner. Photoneo has a very easy and user friendly program. BTW if you gonna use robot try it with cobot

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