KCPDRV Error Watchdog 2861

  • Hello ,

    KR210 KRC2 KSS 5.2.14

    I have the error "2861 KCPDRV2 : Error of watchdog"

    i try many things :

    Change complete PC, KCP2 , safety board , harness of kcp,

    checking documents of error messages not appears error 2861

    any suggetions ?


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  • Hello

    Problem solved,

    Also change the KPS 600 ,clean and replace buses cables , with no results.

    The error triggered randomly cascade of messages: "2861 KCPDRV2 : Error of watchdog"

    Any key of the Kcp2 not responding, It's necessary restart , choose cold start to erase the error , and after few minutes or couple hours the error triggered again.

    Use a new HDD, I re install winXp ,kss ,load previous backup.

    2 days working with no alarm.

    Apparently the operating system suffer degradation

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