Need opinion on GMF Robotics S-100

  • I have been given a supposedly good GMF S-100 robot. From what i can tell it is related to Fanuc but if this is not correct please let me know. I only have experience with ABB and OTC/Daihen(Nachi) robots. My question is, would this be worth putting into service doing something simple? Maybe pick and place? I do all of the automation at my company so I wouldn't have to call an integrator. I would like to play around with it. Does anyone know where you can get the manuals? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. If not worth getting working, I may just part it out.

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  • It's very old and obsolete. GMF was a collaboration between General Motors and Fanuc that no longer exists. I wouldn't use it in production. You won't be able to get any support or replacement parts. Its only value is as a collector item or for a hobby project.

  • I may have an old manual here somewhere, but it is a hard copy. We had/have a couple of GMF S-10s, and believe it or not, one of them is still alive and kicking and is critical to one of our most productive work cells.

    Let me do some digging to see if I can find it...

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