How to connect mxAutomation with KUKA officelite ?

  • I installed mxAutomation on officelite and set the KLI port IP, but it doesn't work. Ping command is not reachable.

    I tried KUKA Router, but the UDP option is not available.

    How can I make it work?

    Any suggestion will be appreciate. Thank you.

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    as far as i know that does not work with OfficeLite. documentation tells that this requires KRC4 hardware. it also requires suitable fieldbus depending on PLC brand but those also do not work on OfficeLite but should work on OPS sine it has KLI. EtherCat (extension bus) too can be convinced to work on OPS - KUKA has document on such change. You can try contacting KUKA to see if similar workaround can get the fieldbus (EIP,PNET or ECAT) work on OfficeLite.

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