Robot Stops Before Violating a Safe Zone's Tool Position Supervision

  • IRC5

    RW 6.13.04

    Option 1125-2 SafeMove Pro

    Safety Controller is Synchronized

    I'm currently setting up a new IRB6700, and I'm moving the robot into a safe zone with a tool position supervision active. As I jog towards the zone, I'm getting an event message that I've never seen before:


    Instead of the tool geometry actually colliding with the zone wall, it stops just before and gives this message. The system remains in the MOTORS ON state, and I can jog away from the zone, but I cannot continue through the zone, even after letting go of the enabling device and re-enabling it.

    Previously, if the tool violated a zone I would get this message:


    Then I would let go of the enabling device, re-enable it, and then continue through the zone. These are the properties for the supervision, which I've verified are identical to the properties from a robot that can jog through violations:


    I've read through the SafeMove 2 manual as well as the release notes for the past few versions of RobotWare, but I can't find any record of this behavior.

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    Hi. Think that the "problem" you are having is becasue of the "safemove assistant"

    You can easily disable it under systemparameters.

  • It depends on which RW you have installed, in RW 6.13 the assistant must be turned off in the system parameters and in RW 6.14 the assistant isn't active during manual mode.

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