Shift arc positioner joint for whole job

  • Hello,

    I am new to the forum, even I have been reading for years already.

    Usually find my questions already answered. ^^

    I would like to adjust the J1 angle of my arc positioner axis for a certain degree value in the whole job.

    It seems to me, that in the Programm Shift menu, I can only do Cartesian shifts, right?

    I could manually type the value for every single point by using the F5 „position“ screen. But there must be a better way :)

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  • If it doesn't matter that your other axes moves, and doesn't have to be too precise, I would do it with program shift.

    Try with rotation and the teaching method.
    Touch up 3 points around the original program space, than 3 points where you want it to be.

    Hope this workaround fits you!

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