How to check work home position from a program

  • Hi! English isn't my first language, so sorry for any mistakes.

    I'm trying to read in the program when the robot is in the work home position, and I already found the external signal that says it's at the home position, but since it's external, it can't be read from the program.

    I already tried with:

    DIN B000 OT#(3002)

    JUMP *LBL_1 IF OT#(3002)=B000

    I hope you can help me out.

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  • Hi,

    Read signal SOUT#120, it is connected tothe external output that you need to use. (#30022)

    DIN B000 SOUT#(120)

    When robot is at work home position, the B000 give you 1.

    This signal is interference #64, when you define it and robot is at this position, the SOUT#120 will turn ON.

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