AW-005CL trouble shooting Table Indexing with performarc 100 manuals from Miller

  • We recently acquired an AW-005cl Panasonic robo welder. I was excited to get the panarobo operating manual from this forum and I also got all the PA100 Operating instructions from Miller. Both have been tremendously helpful. I can run programs from the controller using the teach pennant to load a program and push start on the controller but it gets stuck on the table rotation command. I have to disconnect the air, manual index the table to the right side A or B and reconnect the air to lock the table in place. Then the program fires away automatically.

    The pennant will display waiting ip 16=1 and there will be no table or robo operations. As stated I can move the table manually with the air disconnected and then it will get past this point but I would very much like to have the table rotating for normal operations.

    I did get the table to rotate ONCE after setting the home position on the robot all the way back in the weld cell. The controller relay13 says it is in the home position (cube a) and and work area (cube B) as activated by relay14 is not active so I assume I am infact in the home position and out of the work position.

    I also am not able to get any manual commands to work on the control cabinet. When I set the switch from auto to manual, the tip change, tip check, and home buttons all do not do anything in operating or teaching mode. I can call up the programs with the teach pennant and make it do all 3 opps described above. I again assume the same issue preventing the table rotation is also causing those control features to not work.

    Any insight or help is greatly appreciated. I can do phone or video chats too if that is easier. I am happy to compensate someone for their time to help. Training or crash course on this machine would be amazing

    I also have the PA100 manuals that I can share. Please message me and I will gladly send them along. They are in a 20MB zip folder from miller.


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    Changed the title of the thread from “AW-005CL Table Indexing with performarc 100” to “AW-005CL trouble shooting Table Indexing with performarc 100 manuals from Miller”.
  • Hello, i have 2 of these cells in the shop. you Have to break the photo eyes in the front any time you want to rotate the table manual or auto. took me a few hours to figure it out lol

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