Help! Cr-7 iaL R-30 ib

  • Hello,cr-7 not crx

    I appreciate any help you may offer

    I am working with a green cr-7 iaL. I want to use it with a flex feeder for picking parts.

    My problem. When I plug my camera into the long cable that runs into the controller and I'm looking at the live video feed through my browser, there is a black band moving up and down. Like a movie reel, it just keeps moving across the screen.

    I've flipped its little dip switches, it's a Sony xc 60 I think.. one of the switches seemed to add a vertical lime but then I had a cross most of the time and the image is moving also.

    Viewing through internet explorer on pc

    I also have no control over the camera by the value in the window in the upper right. When I change the exposure values in the window it doesn't seem like it does anything.

    I'm unsure of what was purchased but I do see the irvision setup so I assume I can do the 2d pick process for various parts.

    Just not sure where to go, it's a robot that's just been sitting and not been used and had a box of parts where I found the camera.

    I also have a cognex Insight9912 that I could use but I think I would like to try this first as I think it would be easiest.

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  • Dang, you the man. The switch did it. I've got a long ways to go on this build tho so you'll probably hear from me again. I greatly appreciate the help.

  • So I plan to pick electrical contacts. From like 0.25" long X 0.05"D to 1" X 0.125"D. I want to use one of the asyril asycubes 50,80, or 240. If I make my field of view just about the size of my pick area I wonder if that work or if I need a different camera. Do you think the backlighting from the feeder is the way to go and use their integrated plugin?

  • 60

    If I post a program from RoboDK, what do I do to actually run the program in the real world and it be in the correct locations. I will pick from the asyril feeder and place to a location. I believe I want frames, or reference coordinates for those locations. I set those up using the robot and then reference them in robodK? Then I tell roboDK to use the reference frames and all is good? Then make adjustments in the RoboDK program until all matches if I want that? Roboguide was pretty expensive so I am attempting to use RoboDK and just have not gotten to this stage yet but want to make sure i'm approaching this correctly.

  • Thank you, I now have got myself in a tough spot. I had to bail on the plan for the asyril feeders with integrated vision all through ethernet.

    I have purchased a flexomation feeder. I read through some documentation provided by them. It looks like this may be out of my wheel house, I don't know what my wheelhouse is but this looks interesting.

    So I am starting with the documentation I found for the flexibowl, the start of their procedure looks like what I would be doing , except there does not seem to be a plugin or anything for helping control the feeder. I just see from the documentation with 8 in and 8 out of digital io, reference to handshaking, and flipping a bit 5 before communication. from the flexibowl instructions, I see that a lot of this is IRVision setup, so I'll get to start with that tomorrow as my kickoff on this endeavor.

    I have the fxm-180 feeder on the way. I ended up buying the karel and socket control options from fanuc(although I haven't gotten them because they currently think I may have stole the robot or something). I just have not jumped into this next area to see how it goes. I thought for sure they would have a plugin and documentation like the flexibowl people.

    If you have any help to how I start this project to get me going I would greatly appreciate it.

    thank you in advance

  • irvision screen, so I think I've got good vision of the parts. I had a vision system before that had the field of view on the flex feeder broken into different regions and the machine vision drove the feeder accordingly with moving the parts around. I don't know if I need to get that clever. I would just like it to feed via digital io like feed forward when you don't see parts or some sort of control. I have the 8 inputs , 8 outputs working to the controller. Just got the feeder. I just have no idea how I'm going to handshake or trigger io, I asked for an example irvision program from the mfg but they may not be able to locate. I tell you tho, I really like the FANUC. I look forward to learning irvision in this crashcourse.

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