Motoman XRC Flash PC Card or Image File. XRC UP20 PCMCIA

  • Good Afternoon

    I would like to ask the community if anyone would perhaps have an old Motoman XRC PC card (PCMCIA FLASH CARD) or image back up file of this card that I could please purchase. I would like to run it on my old windows 95 laptop with disc partition wizard and see exactly what file system and allocation of sectors it is in order to create more cards as myself and many others struggle to get cards to read in these old machines that we still use and still work great. I have tried genuine Sandisk 16MB and FAT file allocation table and on mine it still does not work. The problem with these old XRC is that you cannot format them with the XRC if the card is not already in the correct file format which is an absolute pain. There are no issues with my PC Card reader as earlier in the year a tech guy inserted his card into the machine and it read fine. Unfortunately he no longer has that card so I cannot use it for this purpose.

    Your help on this would be highly appreciated as myself and others have run out of space on the onboard memory and need these cards to save and load our programs. I could also post this card back again to you should you have one but not be willing to let it go permanently .

    Kind regards

    Howard Du Plessis



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  • howardduplessis

    Changed the title of the thread from “Would Like to Purchase a Motoman XRC Flash Card or Image File Please XRC UP20 PC CARD” to “Motoman XRC Flash PC Card or Image File. XRC UP20 PCMCIA”.
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