Collision Type behavior

  • Anyone seen this type of behavior before?(see Video) It's very repeatable. PalletTool robot

    Always the last cases dropped off the tool on the 1st pick of every layer. Doesn't matter if it is a flipped layer or not. Looks like a collision almost(see video) but it keeps running. Disturbance and Torque values are within range.

    It is right before the 1st move in RET_PERCH or PKFRMINF (depending if there is a pick ready or not). I tried putting a PAUSE right before the move, which requires a cyclestart and the robot runs fine. I tried replacing the PAUSE with a 1 sec WAIT statement and it still acts up.

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  • What I see is

    When you drop the first two boxes, the drop of point is higher than the other boxes , so you actually "drop" the boxes (I like that) and then when you retreat the robot is perfectible normal

    When you place the second set, you do the same after the boxes dropped and the tool now is empty, the robot goes down and compresses the boxes, then it goes up

    I wonder if that weird motion on the robot is just the tool "going back to normal" after being under pressure

    Retired but still helping

  • Like kwakisaki says but put it in Step mode and when you try. I'm guessing you need to increase the vertical offset distance above the drop point after the drop & gripper check.

    You could post that section of code and see if someone spots an issue.

  • This happened to me. There is like a jerk movement. Go over your code and step through to this point. Come to find out there was an additional point close to the next point. They were really close and would cause this jerk movement when goin in auto mode.

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