Comunicate Motosim EG-VRC with real controller YRC1000

  • Hello, I'm trying to do a comunication between Motosim EG-VRC 2021 and YRC1000 . The only thing that I can do is to see the online moves. When I try to do a program transfer always show a failed. I cannot create a controller by network too.

    I researched about it , and there is any configuration to enable the transfer data ( but I don't have sure). What I found it was > start in Maintenance mode > System> Setup > Option function > Network function setting > Ethernet > to change 'NOT USED ' to 'USED' , but I cannot change it. So my question are , Is it right ? Is this the way ? How to change to 'USED' ? It does necessary to use yaskawa mode and set the paramenter ?

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  • Hi , you shuold check Lan network to see whether is it in used or not. Then try to ping the robot with your computer. After that, you can read chapter 9 in the MotoSim Manual which is on your MotoSim install folder.

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