Fanuc adjusting master position single axis

  • Howdy everyone,

    So I know it's possible cause I saw a fanuc tech do it once. I was pretty new at the time so not sure what all they did tho. We had to change a motor and after it we single axis mastered that joint. Marks were worn so it was about an inch off, he then took the robot to a known spot and I believe brought up the single axis master page and moved the robot to see how far off it was when he moved it to the correct spot, after that it was pretty much spot on. Any one know what all he did in that page? I have only seen the master posn in the single one been at zero so not sure what he did. And don't have a training robot to try anything. Thanks in advance

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  • Right i know i can change that number, but say i master it as close to home as possible and have a zero in that spot when i do. WHen i take the robot to a spot in the program and the point is slightly off, i pull up that page and it says current angle is 12.3 degrees for the affected joint. I move that joint until it lines up where it needs to be and the current angle now says 11.2 degrees. What would i put in the master angle to correct this and every other spot based off the master. would i put -1.1 in this scenario? do i put 1.1? or do i need to move it back to the master spot and physically move it 1.1 then have the master number at zero again. thank you.

  • i understand, thank you, i agree that isn't the best way, but some of our fanuc robots have no indicators on them at all, and when we do this we walk everything thru, but it is nice to get all of them just that little bit closer. thanks again.

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