Programs Hidden by Integrator for Automatic TCP Adjustment

  • Hi,

    I am new to robot programming and am looking for a little bit of help. I have tried looking online for my answers but I am not sure of the correct key words to search up.

    I am using an RJ3iC (R30iA) controller. The robot has a double ended milling end effector. The integrator has created a program called "RBTTCP1R" which automatically detects where the TCP of tool 1 is. There is a large plate in the cell and the robot detects where the tools is using a series of moves and collision detect to gently bump this large plate. The plate has a large hole in the middle and the robot will stage in front of the plate, then move the tool into the circle axially, then move up down and sideways to bump the inside of the circle. The robot then moves further into the circle and repeats on the collar of the collet. Finally, the robot will retract out of the circle and bottom out the tool axially on the plate to set the TCP Z height. Inside this "RBTTCP1R" program there are a few lines that look like canned functions of sort. For example, there are lines that say: "UTool Start[1]", "Detect Point[1] World[Y]", and "Detect Circle[1] ( 0.00, 0.00) World[Y]". What are these lines doing? There are no TP or Karel programs of this name. I couldn't find any information on hiding Karel or TP programs. These lines must be referring to some hidden program and I would like to see them.

    If anyone could help me find out what the controller is calling and where to find that called program I would be very appreciative. Please let me know if any further information is required or if something I said doesn't make sense. Thank you for your time!

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  • Other than calling Fanuc and setting up an account, is there any way to see what software options I have on the controller? Is there any way to modify the software options?

    Thanks for your help, you have given me some great key words for searching the web!!

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