Brake Control Disable Question

  • Had a new FANUC robot come in with bad mastering data. Going to witness mark remaster. The robot model manual says to turn off Gravity Comp and Brake Control via the variables listed before mastering. What is Brake Control? This I'm assuming isn't the same as Brake Release (as in, the Robot won't drop once I turn that variable off, right?)

    THe robot model manual doesn't have any big warnings or anything near Brake Control, so I'm ASSUMING it's not the same as Brake Release, but I just want to verify before doing so...I already mastered this robot once with grab comp and brake control on and I cannot get a good TCP to track, so I'm assuming this is the reason why.

    WHile I have you here, we already have a wirefeeder and torch mounted on the robot...will mastering the robot with this equipment on the robot give us a bad master and prevent a good TCP? FANUC said it shouldn't, but I wouldn't mind having your opinion too.

    Thank you to any that may provide help,


  • Zero Position Master is what I did. I still have the original factory mastering data that was in the robot originally and on the Master Data Sheet we got with it. When we had that mastering data in the robot though and drove the robot to all Joint's Zero - the Robot's J3 was pointed downwards about 45°, J4 was turned about 15°, J5 downwards about 45° and J6 spun CW maybe 10°. FANUC said they probably did a Fixture Master on the robot at some point before geting to us and that's why the Factory MDS is off? We have values in our Single Axis Master page as well.

    I've never had a brand new robot from FANUC come in with bad mastering data before, so this is all new to me.

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