ABB IRC5C - How to combine inputs into group

  • Hi All,

    I just started to work with ABB robots and I'm facing following problem - I would like to map few inputs into one variable. Where can I set it in IRC5 controller?

    1. I've tried to create a group of inputs in "IO Engineering" but I cannot add existing inputs to one group

    2. I found on the forum that I can use following command to group the inputs:

    -Name "ProgramNumber" -SignalType "GI" -Device "D652_10" -DeviceMap "5-12"

    But it gives me syntax error if I put it in MainModule. So, my question would be where it has to be located? I've seen that some people mentioned EIO.CFG but I cannot see such a file in my IRC5C's directory.

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  • -Name "ProgramNumber" -SignalType "GI" -Device "D652_10" -DeviceMap "5-12"

    But it gives me syntax error if I put it in MainModule.

    This has to be located in the file eio.sys, which is created by a backup. After inserting the line you have to reload it.

    Easier is configuring it with robotstudio, you don't have to handle with crude Syntax in cfg files.

  • Hello, I have the same problem. I'm trying to define GI in Robotstudio by using the same steps of defining INput and OutPuts, but I choose group inputs instead. When I restart my controller. I dont get the Defined group input. is there any other way?

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