Random "thumping" sound from YASKAWA GP12

  • When running a program on the Yaskawa GP12 we have in our lab, we have been hearing a random "thumping/ clunking" noise, usually occurring only once during a move and happens rare enough that we haven't been able to capture it on film yet. Findings so far:

    • This is happening without any payload
    • I would only go so far to say that this happens often on sweeping left/right motions (louder)
    • and sometimes more quietly when it goes up and down from a "box pickup position" target for example
    • The noise is easily noticeable but only without too much background noise
    • We failed capturing it on video with two separate efforts
    • The robot does not seem to hit anything or jump noticeably
    • The noise happens over a wide speed range (as low 10% as high as 100%)
    • At this point we can't say if its a software or hardware issue
    • it does not seem to hit anything as far as we can tell
    • no grinding noise and no fault occurs

    We just want to make sure that it's not damaging the robot as it keeps happening long-term. Does anyone have possible insight into this? Thank you

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