Yaskawa- Local position Variables

  • Hello, I am a student at a company, and they have welding robot. I am trying to create a job that might run in different location. As far as I have searched, I understood how to do it with position variables. If position variables are saved with user frame, job, that is written by position variables, works perfectly if I call the job with another user frame. My problem is that I have almost 150 jobs and there is not that much memory to save all the positions as a Position Variable. I was trying to save the local variables in XYZ instead of pulse, but I could not. Is there a way to save local variables is the form of XYZ? If there is a way, will it work smoothly when I call the job in another user frame?


  • AD
  • You will need the CNVRT instruction in ARITHMETIC to convert from pulse to XYZ.

    You could also use $PX001 to get XYZ in base frame. Would still need the CNVRT to convert to XYZ for a user frame.

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