• Hi! We bought a KUKA KTL for KRC2, today we tested it with the tool and it only worked with our cable. The cable that came with it didn't work.

    Our cable is 4 pins and the one that came with the KTL is 7 pins as shown in the pictures below.

    Is there any particularity? Do you know why it didn't work with the 7 pin? There is and adapter wich we did used, but even then, it can't find the reference spot.

  • of course things will not work if you have a bad connection.

    KTL or EMT is designed to work both with KRC1 and KRC2 based systems which is why there are different wiring options.

    if i was in a possession of EMT that may not work, i would much rather have bad cable than bad probe. cables are easier and cheaper to replace plus they can be tested using very simple and common tools.

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