Way to figure out Integrated Arm - Arm Length?

  • Hey all...me again with more complicated stuff :)

    Have a project coming up I'm getting ready for. The robot is on a transporter with 3 axis: X, Z and Z Rotation. I already have the axis setup correctly where the TCP can track (along X and Z), except that the Integrated Arm Length I cannot get right to save my life (in Roboguide). This is causing the TCP to "drift" when I rotate around Z axis. I thought I would measure from the center of my Z Axis out to Robot Origin, but that doesn't seem to be the solution? I tried Robot Zero as well, but that's the same measurement, just a different Z, which I don't care about height.

    Been looking through ArcTool Manuals, Extended Axis manuals we have here, etc. I don't see anything showing any kind of calibration or touch 3 points to get the calculation...How am I supposed to figure this out in the real world? It seems to be very important in order to keep your TCP true to where it should be, so I'm laser focused on figuring out a very precise calibration technique.

    Thank you to any help someone may provide!


    Update: Figured out 1 issue - my platform that extends the robot out that is rotating around the Z axis, was off center due to using the wrong origin in our CAD software, whoops. But in real world, the robot won't be perfectly on center of the Z Axis, so now to figure out how to adjust for that...

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